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1st - 2nd October 2016


TAFISA invites all member organizations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, NOCs and other interested parties to participate in the 2016 TAFISA World Walking Day (1st – 2nd October), which is from this year on fully integrated in the Take Back Your Streets… Take Back Your Future! program. In 2016, it is also part of the European Week of Sport.

Background – Make Everyday Your World Walking Day

The world is facing a phy1sical inactivity crisis of epidemic proportions that is bankrupting economies and decimating human potential. We must unite to bring physical activity back to the daily lives of all people. Public and open spaces are a huge untapped resource where we grow up, discover the world, make friends, have fun, spend family time, commute to school or work. They are the foundation of community life and have the intrinsic potential to offer opportunities to be active. Since 1991, the TAFISA World Walking Day celebrates open and public spaces as safe and friendly areas for people to walk. This year, we invite organizers and participants to take back their streets by organizing walking events, but also opening them to other active transportation means like bicycles, skates, rollers, etc., thus contributing to integrate PA into the everyday life of people and aligning with the second ask of Designed to Move.

How to Participate?

Let’s make this year the biggest year yet.  In past years TAFISA has had more than 12 million participants in over 300 walking events worldwide!
The day is open to citizens of all ages, backgrounds, abilities and genders.

  1. Submit your event(s) by returning the registration form by the 31st of August 2016
  2. WWD is open to every TAFISA member organization and any interested municipality to participate.
  3. The official date of WWD 2016 is October 1st – 2nd.
  4. However, organizers who have already scheduled events at other times in October 2016 can also register them as part of the WWD.
  5. Each organizer is free to lead more than one event during the WWD.
  6. TAFISA takes charge of the worldwide coordination of the WWD.

 Each registered organizer will receive a free promotional package for the support of their event including:

  1. Use of the official title “TAFISA World Walking Day 2016“
  2. Official logos and promotional materials
  3. TAFISA handbook “How to organize Walking Events”
  4. Communication checklist
  5. WWD 2016 “What’s New?” Fact Sheet
  6. Promotion of your event(s) via TAFISA and our website
  7. Integration of the event(s) into the official Take Back Your Streets… Take Back Your Future Calendar of Events.
  8. Integration of the event into the European Week of Sport

Join us this October 2016 for TAFISA World Walking Day!
For more information about TAFISA World Walking Day, and how to participate, please see the flyer and Registration Form linked below.

» WWD Flyer 2016
» Registration Form

TAFISA World Walking Day TAFISA World Walking Day TAFISA World Walking Day

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